How does ClinicalVoice Community work?
ClinicalVoice Community is a healthcare research panel, specializing in research surveys for the healthcare community. This panel is owned and operated by KJT, a research and consulting firm based in New York State. Our members agree to join this panel and participate in healthcare research.

Once you become a member of ClinicalVoice Community, you will be invited to studies appropriate for your background and expertise. These studies will be sent to you via email. Click the “Start Study” button and you will be taken to the online survey where you can fill in your responses to a series of questions.

How do I join ClinicalVoice Community?
This panel is invitation-only. If you are a healthcare professional, you may receive an invitation to participate in our studies via email, fax or direct mail. When you receive your invitation, simply follow the instructions within to participate in the study or join our community. If you are invited to a study directly, you’ll be given the opportunity to enroll in the ClinicalVoice Community to participate in future research studies.



Who is eligible to join?
ClinicalVoice Community is open to any a wide range of people working in the medical field in direct patient care, and those who work in business or administrative roles within healthcare. 

We are a diverse community of healthcare professionals including:

  • Physicians
  • Nursing Professionals
  • Physician Assistants
  • Dental Professionals
  • Healthcare Executives
  • Healthcare Managers
  • Healthcare Support Personnel
  • Pharmacy Professionals
  • Technicians
  • Therapists

Why do you ask for my NPI number or other credentialing information?
To ensure the privacy of our member and integrity of medical research studies, only verified medical professionals can participate in the ClinicalVoice Community. Your credentialing information allows us to verify your eligibility to participate in medical research surveys, or on relevant healthcare and pharmaceutical topics.

How much does it cost to participate in ClinicalVoice Community?
There’s absolutely no cost to join or participate now or at any time.

I am unable to register, what can I do?
Our security system may block an IP address or internet domain that is used by a lot of people. Please try joining from another PC, location and/or another email address. You may also contact us to request assistance.

Can I register more than once?
No, we only allow one account per person.

How secure is my personal information?
ClinicalVoice Community is firmly committed to protecting your privacy. We promise that we will never willfully sell, trade, rent, disclose or make available your identity, email address, phone number, or home address to any outside third party without receiving your explicit consent to do so, or unless we are required to do so by a court decision or by a public authority.

All personal information you provide us will be strictly used by ClinicalVoice Community for research purposes only. This information is kept completely confidential and is only shared with research clients in an anonymous, statistical format without unique personal identifiers.



How do I receive surveys?
We will always email you if there is a study available for you. Please ensure that your email provider is not blocking emails from ClinicalVoice Community.

Your chance to be invited to a survey depends on a number of factors, such as the amount and type of studies we are currently conducting and your profile information.

How long does it take to complete a study?
Each study we send you will vary in length and the length of time is included in each study invitation. Online studies will typically take less than 30 minutes to complete. Virtual discussions usually last 45-60 minutes, but can be scheduled at a time of your convenience.

Why do you ask me the same questions in different surveys?
Personal demographic and profile data regarding our community members is only shared with our clients on a per project, aggregate basis, without specifically identifying an individual member. Therefore, to ensure we have the most current information for each project, it is necessary to ask the same or similar questions in different surveys.

Why didn’t I qualify for the survey?
You may not qualify for a survey for a number of different reasons, based on demographic criteria, qualifications or area of expertise. We make sure that we place questions that could disqualify our members at the very beginning of the survey, so your valuable time is not wasted.

We highly recommend that you use the “Improve Profile” button at the end of each survey, as this will increase your chances of getting invited to surveys that are most appropriate for you and reduce the number of survey disqualifications.

Why is the survey now closed?
Most surveys are open for a few days. However, some surveys are more popular than others and close quickly if the quota is reached sooner than the proposed deadline. Our system automatically closes the survey once the desired number of respondents has been reached.

We always try to limit the number of invites we send so that the members we do invite have a higher chance of completing the survey.

Why am I receiving survey invitations if I’m not a ClinicalVoice Community Member?
ClinicalVoice Community sends research study invitations to healthcare professionals that are not currently members of the ClinicalVoice Community to supplement survey data from our current members, and extend an invitation to enroll into the community.

If you do not wish to receive any further survey invitations from ClinicalVoice Community, simply contact us.

Why am I NOT receiving surveys invitations from ClinicalVoice Community?
ClinicalVoice Community only sends email to members with confirmed email addresses. If you recently joined ClinicalVoice Community and have never received an email from us, your email address may not yet be confirmed. Check your inbox and junk/spam folders for the membership activation email and follow the instructions provided to activate your membership and confirm your email address.

If you have confirmed your email address or have previously received email from us, it is possible that your email provider’s spam filtering is causing email from ClinicalVoice Community to be mistakenly identified as spam. 

Can I stop receiving survey invitations?
Certainly, although unsubscribing from email invitations will also cancel your ClinicalVoice Community membership.

To unsubscribe, simply follow the link found at the bottom of your latest survey invitation. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.



How will I receive payment for participating in a ClinicalVoice Community study?
Compensation for ClinicalVoice Community members is sent through our financial services provider Tremendous.  Once your study responses have been validated and your participation complete you will receive an email from Click the “View Reward” button within the email and you will be able to access the compensation.

How long will it take to receive compensation?
Typically participation for online studies is received within 48 hours of completing the online survey.  For telephone or virtual discussions, you can expect to receive compensation within 7-10 days of completing the interview.

Will my earnings through ClinicalVoice Community be taxed?
Earnings from ClinicalVoice Community are subject to income tax in the United States. If your accumulated earnings in a calendar year exceed $599, we are required to provide Form 1099-MISC to you and the Internal Revenue Service with your total earnings for the year. Additionally, you will be required to complete Form W-9 in such instances.

Will I always be compensated for taking part in research?
Yes. If you qualify for and complete a research study, you will receive compensation.

However, if we identify that a respondent is not honest in his/her approach to research, for example by providing meaningless answers or trying to complete one study multiple times, they will not be compensated. This occurs infrequently and is only used as a means to stop the few dishonest people.



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