Founded in 2007, KJT is an evidence-based consulting firm focused specifically on healthcare. Through co-creative partnerships with our life sciences clients, we are sought after for our unique ability to capture actionable insights and provide innovative solutions to a wide variety of research questions.  We help drive strategy for some of the most innovative healthcare organizations in the world.  

Our results benefit our clients by enhancing strategic and tactical decision-making and guiding them as they negotiate the ever-complex healthcare industry. We are also committed to enhancing the patient experience and ensuring that they are adequately represented as the industry continues to grow and evolve.

Each year, KJT conducts hundreds of healthcare research projects.  Our ClinicalVoice Community is a network of professionals in the healthcare field: healthcare providers who work with patients, as well as healthcare administrators who actively participate in our qualitative and quantitative research opportunities.  Community members share their thoughts and opinions to help us understand expert perspective on various topics related to pharmaceutical and medical device products and services.  

Thank you to each and every one of our community members!


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